Board of Directors

Cynthia Huie

Fundraising & Development Committee
Co-Owner, Seedstore; Business Manager, Michael Y. Chan, DDS; President, Clement Street Merchants Association

Vice Chair
Loren Krane, PhD

Strategic Planning and Personnel Committees
Clinical Psychologist; University of California San Francisco

Anoshua Chaudhuri, PhD

Finance Committee
Health Economist, Department Chair & Professor, San Francisco State University, Dept. of Economics

Walter M. Stella

Personnel Committee
Shareholder, Miller Law Group

Alvin N. Alvarez, PhD

Strategic Planning Committee
Dean, San Francisco State University, College of Health & Social Sciences Past President, Asian American Psychological Association

Perry Chin, MBA, CMA, CTP

Financial Executive (retired) in technology & finance sector.

Elizabeth Loh
Director, Trucker Huss, Health and Welfare Practice

Tom Yeh
Serial Entrepreneur (retired), Advisors/Board to various Companies, Social Ventures, University, Sovereign Nations


Are you interested in finding meaningful ways to share your experience & expertise, work towards a common goal in support of a social cause, and make a positive impact on the community? Please contact RAMS Board Liaison, Trina de Joya, by email for more details!