Board of Directors

Cynthia Huie

Fundraising & Development Committee
Co-Owner, Seedstore; Business Manager, Michael Y. Chan, DDS; President, Clement Street Merchants Association

Vice Chair
Loren Krane, PhD

Strategic Planning and Personnel Committees
Clinical Psychologist; University of California San Francisco

Anoshua Chaudhuri, PhD

Finance Committee
Health Economist, Department Chair & Professor, San Francisco State University, Dept. of Economics

Alvin N. Alvarez, PhD

Strategic Planning Committee
Dean, San Francisco State University, College of Health & Social Sciences Past President, Asian American Psychological Association

Elizabeth Loh
Director, Trucker Huss, Health and Welfare Practice

Tom Yeh
Serial Entrepreneur (retired), Advisors/Board to various Companies, Social Ventures, University, Sovereign Nations


Are you interested in finding meaningful ways to share your experience & expertise, work towards a common goal in support of a social cause, and make a positive impact on the community? Please contact RAMS Board Liaison, Trina de Joya, by email for more details!