CAAP Counseling & Pre-Vocational Services

The RAMS CAAP Counseling & Pre-Vocational Services program serves clients enrolled in various programs of SF Department of Human Services (DHS). The CAAP Counseling & Pre-Vocational Services program has three components:

  1. Triage, which provides brief employability screenings and assessment for all clients receiving cash assistance (GA) from the County Adult Assistance Program (CAAP).
  2. Assessment-Counseling Services, which offers short-term assessment and treatment for clients, with behavioral health concerns, enrolled in the CAAP - the county’s welfare-to-work program for adults without dependent children. This component assists in identifying employment barriers and offering linkage to community resources. Services include, but are not limited to:
    • Assessment & Crisis Intervention
    • Individual assessment and counseling
    • Group therapy
    • Case Management
    • Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management
    • Consultation & Outreach
  3. Pre-Vocational Services, a collaboration with the Workforce Development Department (WDD) for the Job Plus Activity (JPA). This component offers a 6-week Jobs Plus Activity (JPA) for clients of the PAES program, designed to equip clients with skills/abilities/attitudes relevant to obtaining and retaining employment. RAMS facilitates workshops and offers On-the-Job Assessment at the RAMS Hire-Ability program.

The culturally diverse, multi-lingual, & multi-disciplinary treatment team at PAES consists of professionals with expertise in psychiatry, psychology, mental health / counseling, social work, vocational rehabilitation, and peer counseling.

All services are limited to CAAP participants.

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