Clinical Supervisors

Kelly Burns, Psy.D. – Clinical Supervisor for Practicum Trainees, Assessment Supervisor for Staff +

Dr. Kelly Burns works as a supervisor and clinician at RAMS Adult Outpatient Services and RAMS CAAP Counseling Services. At RAMS-CCS Dr. Burns supervises staff and facilitates the case conference and training group for the Learning Needs Assessment (LNA) program, which provides neuropsychological evaluation for clients seeking vocational services through San Francisco’s Human Services Agency. She is a clinical psychologist and supervises trainees at the Adult Outpatient Clinic, where she also participates in training interns and trainees on psychosis in immigrant populations, the focus of her dissertation research. Dr. Burns received her doctoral training at the California Institute of Integral Studies and completed her internship at the Access Institute for Psychological Services in San Francisco.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Burns graduated with a B.A. from Yale University in Ethics, Politics, and Economics and received her J.D. from the New York University School of Law, where she focused on criminal justice and drug policy issues. Dr. Burns brings a multidisciplinary understanding to mental health concerns and enjoys combining her areas of expertise to understand clients within their cultural and systemic context and to work for social justice-informed policy change in the mental health field.

Sai-Ling Chan-Sew, LCSW - Consultant +

Sai-Ling Chan-Sew (SLC Consulting) is a clinical consultant who provides individual, program and system level consultation in health and behavioral health care in areas such as: development and financing of behavioral health services, health/behavioral health integration, system development of culturally competent service system, design and financing of outcome evaluation and continuous quality improvement programs, development of system of care across public and private non-profit agencies and consumer organizations, clinical supervision, individual consultation and advocacy to address disparity and social justice for immigrants.

Ms. Chan-Sew is a bi-cultural & bi-lingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. She formerly served as the Director of Child, Youth and Family (CYF) System of Care, Behavioral Health Services, San Francisco Department of Public Health for 16 years whereby she oversaw the CYF integration of children’s mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services under one behavioral health system and created the nationally recognized San Francisco Children’s System of Care, expanding behavioral health services through a combination of intensive care management and evidence-based practices. Ms. Chan-Sew has also been active at the national and state levels in promoting the development of prevention and early intervention services especially for young children. She led local efforts to increase outreach and expand behavioral health service access for Asian and Pacific Islander children, youth and families, as well as homeless and runaway youth.

Ms. Chan-Sew has also served as Program Director at Chinatown Child Development Center, psychiatric social worker in private practice, guest lecturer at San Francisco State University – School of Social Work, and instructor at University of California – San Francisco Extension Program. She is a founding member of Wu Yee Children Services, and holds a master’s degree from University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration. Ms. Chan-Sew is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions and has served on many national, state and local boards and commissions.

Flora O. Chan, PsyD - Clinical Supervisor for Staff and Practicum Trainees +

Yaguang Grace Gethers, Psy.D. - Group Supervisor for Practicum Trainees +

Matthew Gould, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor for Staff +

Matthew Gould provides clinical supervision at RAMS to Behavioral Health Counselors working at the Wellness Centers Program. Mr. Gould is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and also maintains a private psychotherapy and consultation practice in San Francisco where he provides treatment to adolescents and adults in individual, couples, and family therapy. His interests include psychoanalytic theory and technique, school-based dynamic therapy, group process, and working with adolescents. He provides supervision and consultation services through Project School Care at St. Mary's. Mr. Gould has provided mental health services, substance abuse services, and supervision & consultation at RAMS for the past 12 years, including being the former Supervisor for the Wellness Centers Program.

Yuka Hachiuma, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor for Staff +

Sachi Inoue, PhD - Clinical Supervisor for Staff, NAAPTC Doctoral Interns, and Practicum Trainees +

Talia Korenbrot, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor for Staff +

Talia Korenbrot is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who has been practicing psychotherapy, in both English and Spanish, for twenty years. As a Clinical Supervisor for the Wellness Centers Program at RAMS, she provides supervision for Behavioral Health Counselors at the high school​-​based Wellness Centers, which are located in public schools throughout San Francisco. Ms. Korenbrot has worked at RAMS for over 10 years. She served as a Behavioral Health Counselor, as well as the Behavioral Health Services Coordinator for the Wellness Centers Program. Prior to working at RAMS, she had been working in the area of domestic violence. Her interest in serving the mental health needs of adolescents was fostered through her experience in designing & implementing a dating violence program for adolescent girls. Ms. Korenbrot also maintains a private psychotherapy practice in San Francisco.

Ms. Korenbrot received her BA in Psychology from Cornell University, and her MA in Counseling Psychology in from Boston College.

Peggy Kim, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor for School-Based Mental Health Partnership +

Peggy Kim is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She is the clinical supervisor for the School-Based Mental Health Partnership providing group and individual supervision for staff working with students who struggle with mental health and behavioral issues that negatively impact learning and achievement at school. Ms. Kim is a Mental Health Clinician in the CYF Outpatient clinic providing psychotherapeutic services to children, adolescents, and families with a focus on cultural diversity and various lived experience. She also maintains a private practice in San Francisco where she sees children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples.

Clara Kwun, LCSW - Group Supervisor for NAAPTC Doctoral Internship +

Clara Kwun is a psychoanalyst and a graduate of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis. She also maintains a private practice in San Francisco serving adults, adolescents, and children. Ms. Kwun has been a supervisor for California Pacific Medical Center; University of California, San Francisco, Department of Psychiatry, Langley Porter; New Leaf Services for our Community; Smith College of Social Work; and New College. She is also the past Director of the former Adolescent Day Treatment Center of California Pacific Medical Center.

Michael Litter, PsyD - Group Supervisor for Practicum Trainees +

Dr. Michael Litter serves as a clinical supervisor for a child-focused consultation group for trainees. He is a licensed clinical psychologist with an interest in working psychoanalytically with families, children, and adolescents. Dr. Litter earned his doctorate degree from the Wright Institute and completed his doctoral training at RAMS. His research examined the therapeutic relationship's effect on treatment outcome among court-involved youth. Dr. Litter also maintains a private practice in San Francisco where he sees children, adolescents and adults.

Mai T. Nguyen, PsyD - Assessment Supervisor and Instructor for NAAPTC Doctoral Interns' Individual and Group Supervision, Assessment Seminar +

Dr. Mai Nguyen is a bicultural & bilingual (Vietnamese/English) licensed clinical psychologist who has been serving culturally diverse, underprivileged individuals in community-based settings for nearly 10 years. Dr. Nguyen received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, with a Multicultural and Community Emphasis, from CSPP of Alliant International University, San Francisco (AIU-CSPP). Her clinical training has spanned inpatient and outpatient settings, in both the U.S. and Vietnam. She is an alumna of the RAMS National Asian American Psychological Training Center (NAAPTC), an APA-accredited doctoral internship program. Following her training at the RAMS NAAPTC, Dr. Nguyen was a post-doctoral fellow for the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation. In partnership with Da Nang & Khanh Hoa Departments of Health, NIH, Vanderbilt University, and RAND Corporation, she helped train Vietnamese paraprofessionals, nurses, and physicians to provide treatment for depression in rural primary care agencies. She completed her post-doctoral studies at AIU-CSPP’s Psychological Services Center, where she specialized in psychological assessment and treatment of complex childhood trauma. In addition to her work at RAMS, she is a clinical psychologist at the Golden Gate Regional Center.

Her clinical work is grounded in psychoanalytic theory and conceptualized within cultural, social, and biological aspects of individuals and systems. Her varied clinical interests include working with severely disturbed individuals, complex trauma in children and adolescents, multicultural assessment, developmental disabilities, collaborative therapeutic assessment, personality assessment, psychoanalytic conceptualization in personality assessment, problem gambling, and ecopsychology.

Rebecca Peng, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor for Staff  +

Christina Shea, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor for Staff +

Rose Sneed, PsyD - Clinical Supervisor for Staff and Practicum Trainees +

Alla Volovich, PhD - Training Director, Clinical Supervisor for Staff, NAAPTC Doctoral Interns, and Practicum Trainees +

Paul Walsh, MA, LMFT - Clinical Supervisor at Broderick St. Adult Residential Facility +

Christine Wai, Psy.D. – Clinical Supervisor for Practicum Trainees and Volunteer Psychological Assistants +

Dr. Christine Wai is a California licensed Clinical Psychologist with a bicultural and bilingual (Cantonese Chinese) background. Dr. Wai currently works as a clinician at RAMS’ Adult/Older Adult Outpatient Clinic, Child, Youth and Family Outpatient Services, and Asian Family Institute. Dr. Wai received her Doctor in Psychology (Psy.D.) from the Alliant International University-California School of Professional Psychology in Hong Kong and Masters in Education (Ed.M.) specializing in school counseling from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Wai has extensive experiences working in community mental health setting through her pre-doctoral internship at Hamilton Madison House in New York City as well as her post-doctoral internship at RAMS. She is also familiar with working with traditional Chinese individuals and families through her practicum training in Hong Kong.

Dr. Wai has a strong interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy and focuses on Asian American and immigrant populations, providing mental health care to the disempowered and to those with severe mental illness and traumatic past. Dr. Wai focuses also on integrating cultural sensitivity into clinical practice, psychoanalytic theory and familial conflicts surrounding intercultural and intergenerational differences. In addition, Dr. Wai is participating in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program at the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis.

Richard Zevin, LCSW - Clinical Supervisor for Staff +

Alexander Zinchenko, PhD - Clinical Supervisor for Staff, NAAPTC Doctoral Interns, and Practicum Trainees +

Dr. Zinchenko received his Ph.D. in psychology from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center in 2001, and his M.A. in psychology from Moscow State University in 1987. Before his relocation to the USA in 1991, Dr. Zinchenko lived in Moscow where he worked as psychotherapist in private practice, a hypnotherapist at the Alcoholism Treatment Center, and a researcher at the USSR Academy of Sciences Center for the Studies of Consciousness. He co-authored and served as the principle investigator on a research project "Use of Altered States of Consciousness in the Treatment of Addictions" (sponsored by the USSR Academy of Sciences). In addition to an article in the International Journal of Psychosomatics based on this research, Dr. Zinchenko published a book chapter on the psychology of youth movements; another book chapter "Nostalgia: a Dialog between Memory and Knowledge" is currently in print. Since 1992, when Dr. Zinchenko first joined RAMS, he has contributed to the clinic in several capacities as a staff psychotherapist; founder of a Russian-focus mental health program; clinical supervisor; and coordinator for two mental health projects: Senior Refugee Project (grant from the US Office of Refugee Resettlement, 1996-2004) and Dual Diagnosis Project (grant from the U.S. Department Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, 2001-2003).

Alongside his work at RAMS, Dr. Zinchenko maintains a private practice in San Francisco specializing in individual, family, and group psychotherapy with adults and children. He also works with traumatized refugees and survivors of political torture as a contracting clinician at Survivors International. Dr. Zinchenko's current interests include object relations theory; phenomenological and psychoanalytic aspects of nostalgia and uprootedness; clinical work with immigrants and refugees; and psychotherapy with severely disturbed and traumatized clients. He is also keenly interested and extensively involved in teaching and clinical training: as a Supervising Psychologist at RAMS; as a Psychologist at Napa State Hospital; as a faculty, student advisor and instructor for Working with Immigrant Families class at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center; as a lecturer (Psychoanalytic Treatment Modalities) and group supervisor at the Access Institute for Psychological Services; and as an adjunct clinical supervisor at the Goldman Institute on Aging.