Fu Yau Project

The Fu Yau Project is funded through the SF Department of Public Health Behavioral Health Services - Child, Youth and Family - System of Care, Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Initiative with funding from the SF Human Services Agency, SF Department of Children, Youth & Their Families, San Francisco Families and Children Commission, Preschool for All, and Mental Health Services Act.

The Fu Yau Project provides prevention and early intervention mental health services to the family resource centers and childcare community that cares for children, ages 0-5 years old. Services include the following: on-site program and child observation; clinical consultation with childcare staff and families; on-site intervention with individual and groups of children; parenting classes and support groups; and in-service training for the childcare staff relating to child development and mental health related issues.

The Fu Yau Project strives to provide high-quality clinical, cultural, and linguistically appropriate services to the population we serve. The staff includes child psychiatrist, licensed and license-tracked clinical psychologist, clinical social workers, and marriage and family therapists. The staff members appropriately reflect the unique language skills and cultural competence needed to provide services for the children, families, and teaching staff of the childcare programs.

The Fu Yau Project currently provides services at over 50 childcare centers, family resource centers, and home based services, which are located in 13 San Francisco neighborhoods. In addition, it is one of five agencies serving the 250 family childcare providers in the newly created Family Child Care Quality Network (FCCQN). The program's current client demographics include the following: 99% are low-income families with limited resources; over 80% of the families are of Asian & Pacific Islander ethnicity, many of whom are from China and have limited or non-English speaking ability.

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