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Division of Peer-Based Services

At the forefront of the peer provider profession, RAMS offers peer counseling, outreach, and education & training in about 30 sites throughout San Francisco. The agency’s programs uphold principles of wellness and recovery with an approach that is strengths-based and promotes a sense of empowerment, self-direction, and hope.

Under the RAMS Division of Peer-Based Services, there are four components:

  1. Peer Specialist Mental Health Certificate
  2. Peer Counseling & Outreach Services
  3. Peer Internship Program
  4. Wellness Center

Peer Counseling & Outreach Services

The Peer Counseling & Outreach Services component enhances treatment services by providing peer counseling and supportive case management and resource linkage to clients at contracted SF Department of Public Health and community-based behavioral health clinics and programs.

Services delivered by peer providers aim to improve the level of engagement with clients, foster feelings of hope, and to promote the possibility of wellness and recovery. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in securing stable housing
  • Coordination of health and behavioral health services
  • Support in seeking SSI, SSDI, GA and other benefits
  • Assistance in obtaining medical coverage
  • Linkage to community resources
  • Support clients to maintaining overall wellness

Peer Internship

The RAMS Peer Counseling Internship is a 9-month, 20 hours/week, paid ($15.00/hour) program for individuals who are present or past consumers of behavioral health services, family members of a consumer, and/or peer providers already working or volunteering in the field of behavioral health services.

The Internship Program helps individuals learn to appropriately and effectively utilize their lived experience in behavioral health settings to benefit the wellness & recovery of clients/participants being served.

Our internship schedule provides a supportive entry into the workforce for those looking to fortify Peer Counseling skills, build community & network, and gain more knowledge of behavioral health services.

Peer Interns provide direct client services and resource linkage in a variety of settings during the course of scheduled rotations, including but not limited to: community-based clinics, wellness and drop-in centers, treatment programs, and resource centers. Roles and responsibilities may include group co-facilitation; helping clients access and navigate community-based services; and individual peer-to-peer support.

The Internship Program offers a collaborative learning and strengths-based environment, in which Peer Interns work with other Peer Practitioners and a multi-disciplinary team throughout the 9-month program. Peer Interns will receive weekly group supervision from the RAMS Peer Internship Coordinator; regular individual supervision from a site supervisor; and trainings each month provided by RAMS for additional professional development. Previous intern trainings have included Ethics and Boundaries, Group Facilitation, Motivational Interviewing, Conflict Resolution, and many more.

Below are the Fall Cohort 2018-2019 Peer Internship Brochure and Application forms. Please feel free to share with your networks. For questions, contact us at 415-579-3021 (ask for Lara Ezrin at Ext. 108) or email us at

Thank you for your interest in the Peer Internship Program.

APPLICATION DUE DATE: July 13th, 2018 by 5:00pm

Notification of Application Status: Week of August 6th-10th, 2018

Registration Forms Due Date: August 17th, 2018

Internship Start Date: September 5, 2018

Wellness Center

The Peer Wellness Center is an early engagement center for adults seeking peer-based counseling services and peer-led activity groups and activities. The Center is open to consumers of Behavioral Health Services (SFDPH). Serving as a safe place, the Center is for peer participants to gain empowerment skills within an environment that utilizes empathy and peer support to help promote and inspire recovery. In addition, participants can obtain information for supportive services and linkages to a variety of behavioral health and primary health resources and services in San Francisco.

The Peer Wellness Center offers activities, facilitated by Peer Counselors, that include but are not limited to: Peer-to Peer Support Groups, Healthy Living Workshops, Creative Arts Expression, Skills Building Classes, Community Social Events and On-Site Recreational Activities.

Confidential Feedback Line

If you have comments, suggestions, and/or questions about Division of Peer-Based Services, please call our confidential phone line: (415) 579-3021 x104

* No RAMS employee shall retaliate against you for sharing feedback. *

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