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2023 iRAMS Award Recipients Announcement

Founded on RAMS’ core values – Inclusion, Impact, Insight, Integrity, and Innovation, iRAMS allows us to recognize our values in action. Since it’s launched in May 2023, we have received a total of 77 nominations (27 of which are inter-program nominations) from across 10 programs.

2023 Inclusion Award Winner:

Kim “KK” Kantere, Division of Peer-Based Services

KK, a RAMS team member since 2011, currently plays a pivotal role in the Peer Division’s Operations, showcasing a commitment to daily inclusion. His work touches all peer staff, interns and students. KK’s personal and work experience in almost every San Francisco neighborhood is the catalyst for his ability to connect and serve all staff and clients in a culturally congruent way.

Supervisor Feedback:

“KK’s welcoming demeanor and institutional knowledge makes KK the perfect staff to assist new and experienced staff, interns and students. You also witness them asking KK for guidance about a particular situation or just as a sounding board for their issue.  KK truly cares, listens and shows compassion to everyone who walks through our door.”

2023 Impact Award Winner:

Nancy Esteva, Division of Peer-Based Services


Nancy, in her role as Lead Empowerment Service Coordinator at RAMS for almost 10 years, played a pivotal role in expanding peer-based services, facilitating vital peer support services in Spanish and English to address community needs. Nancy Esteva’s impact is evident in both the services she provides and the positive relationships she cultivates within the community and among peers.

Supervisor Feedback:

“Nancy has continued to receive positive praise and outstanding letters of recommendation over the years from providers in the community, who have also spoken to her dedication and passion for serving underserved communities, and breadth of peer counseling and advocacy skills, including with providing culturally responsive services to Spanish-speaking clients and empowering those she works with.”

2023 Insight Award Winner:

Jason Suchecki, Hire-Ability Vocational Services

Jason demonstrates profound knowledge in supporting vocational rehabilitation program participants and empowering them to navigate through their struggles, fostering resilience. His dual perspective, combining clinical expertise with a relatable approach, contributes significantly to the success and well-being of those he supports in the vocational rehabilitation program.

Supervisor Feedback:

“There are many participants that struggle with different challenges and Jason’s insight on how they’re adjusting at their work site is helpful in determining what their immediate needs are.  Jason provides encouragement and empowers the participants to continue working through their struggles. A few of our participants that have successfully completed the program has expressed high gratitude for have Jason as their case manager.”

2023 Integrity Award Winner:

Vivian Vong, CAAP Counseling & Pre-Vocational Services


Vivian is a principled and transparent leader who upholds fairness, equity, and reasonable expectations for her staff across various programs by comprehending their functions and challenges. She advocates for clients, troubleshoots with funders, and remains accountable, delivering on promises and promoting ethical principles in client services.

Supervisor Feedback:

“Vivian would not make her staff do anything that she would not put herself in. She has worked in (or has full understanding of) almost all positions in the department to understand the functions and challenges, so that she could support her staff in their positions. In the same way, she also holds her staff accountable to perform according to job expectations. She never takes ‘favoritism’ of staff over another.”

2023 Innovation Award Winner:

Priscilla Kyu, Administration

Priscilla, with over 10 years of dedicated service in five different programs, actively reimagines workflows, creatively problem solves, and handles multiple Salesforce projects with enthusiasm. As attested by her direct supervisor, Priscilla’s talents shine through, ensuring projects are well-managed while maintaining a positive and collaborative “can do” attitude that resonates well with everyone she engages.

Supervisor Feedback:

“Priscilla is deeply committed to serving diverse, low-income, and marginalized communities and it shows in how she wholeheartedly puts herself into the work, thinking “out of the box” and doing her best. She shows up! Many staff acknowledge how Priscilla has made a positive impact on their program. She is comprehensive and thorough, supportive and approachable, and is a champion for client services and staff initiatives.”