HireAbility Holds Boundaries Workshop

The workshop was facilitated by employment services manager Laura Westman and the amazing employment services team at Hire-Ability: Alexandra Macmillan, Mary Ann Dones, Joyce Xue, Lilly Ho and Lucy Wu.

The team presented on how to navigate professional boundaries to job seekers enrolled in employment services as well as trainees in the Employee Development, Janitorial, and i-Ability programs. Participants were actively learning and engaging in material about how to define professional boundaries, utilizing “I” statements, how to say “no” and had the chance to role play healthy and unhealthy boundaries. Lilly and Mary Ann even acted out some great examples of boundaries, including what to do when someone steals your chocolate out of the breakroom!

Many participants expressed difficulty in creating and drawing these boundaries and will use what they learned moving forward in their employment services, where they will continue to receive 1-1 support from their job developer. The next monthly workshop will be on time management, where the team looks forward to continuing to support our participants as they navigate the road toward employment.

Contributed by: Laura Westman, Employment Services Manager

RAMS Peer Transition Team Receives 2023 MHSA Team of the Year Award

The RAMS Peer Transition Team is a five year Mental Health Services Act Innovation Project that launched in 2019. With a team of up to seven advanced-level Peer Counselors, the project has been providing vital peer support in the field to support clients in graduating from Intensive Case Management programs across the San Francisco Behavioral Health System of Care. This year the program was recognized for this amazing work!

Our RAMS Peer Transition Team, from left to right: Ansar Muhammad, Peer Counselor; Greg Broyles, Lead Peer Counselor & Co-Founder; Nancy Esteva, Lead Empowerment Service Coordinator; Mick Robinson, Peer Counselor & Co-Founder; Qiyanna Love, Community Partnerships Manager & Co-Founder. Not pictured: Gavin Young, Service Coordinator at Chinatown/North Beach MH; Moinnette Harris, WITS Peer Counselor; Mike Donofrio, Lead WITS Peer Counselor.

Examples of the peer support provided include accompanying clients to provider appointments, supporting case management, providing peer counseling using the team’s lived experiences with mental health and/or substance use recovery, and linking clients to resources that can help stabilize them in the community.

Since its launch, the project has received over 130 client referrals. Over 80 clients have exited the project and there is a 64% success rate of clients moving into an outpatient level of care. This is a 400% increase from the previous data that showed a 16% rate!

Contributed by: Qiyanna Love, Community Partnerships Manager, Division of Peer-Based Services