Natalie Ah-Soon

Natalie Tualemoso Ah Soon, MPH


Natalie Tuālemoso Ah Soon is a visionary and systems-changer committed to advancing health and mental health equity. She is a bold thinker and strong proponent of collaborative culture to achieve optimal health and mental health outcomes across the lifespan and
among all communities.

Natalie has most recently transitioned from her role as the Director of Population-Focused Programs into the Director of Community Engagement & Government Relations. She came to RAMS in 2014 and her journey here is unique. Her roles and programs are many firsts at RAMS and for Pacific Islander and Asian communities in the SF Bay Area. She directs two mental health prevention and early intervention programs in San Francisco County (2014) and Alameda County (2018). Both programs are in direct partnership with long-standing, trusted community-based organizations. In 2018, RAMS expanded its reach and services for the first time to Alameda County to replicate the community mental health promotion and prevention model of service, focusing on Pacific Islanders. Our efforts include the: Samoan Wellness Initiative anchored at Samoan Community Development Center, Filipino Mental Health Initiative-SF with the Filipino-American Development Fund/Bayanihan Community Center, Southeast Asian Mental Health Initiative-SF, and the Pacific Islander Wellness Initiative anchored by Taulama, Regional Pacific Islander Taskforce, and Samoa Community Development Center.

Outside of her work at RAMS, Inc., Natalie is a co-founder and co-chair of the Regional Pacific Islander Taskforce in the Bay Area. This movement emerged out of a shared interest/passion to increase the visibility of Pacific Islander health needs and highlight their
assets/strengths to address health and social disparities. Natalie holds a Master of Public Health from San Jose State University and is a proud San Francisco State University alumna where she honed her passion for public health. Outside of clock-work and heart-work, she is a nurturing and protective mother and grandmother, charming spouse, caring sister, and cool aunty. She is a proud native of American Samoa and fluent in Samoan.