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Asian and Pacific Islander Mental Health Day Marketing Collateral including drawings of prominent SF Bay Area landmarks in the background.

Asian and Pacific American Mental Health Day

In honor of Asian and Pacific American Mental Health Day on May 10, Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (RAMS) will proudly host a virtual showcase of beautiful ways that the multitude of Asian and Pacific Islander cultures have developed to maintain their mental health. As wellness is an active practice, join us in active learning through our highly experienced panel of experts in yoga, Siva dance, mandala drawing, meditation, and cooking demos! 

Many of our presenters are well-versed, not only in the activities they’re teaching, but also in how the traditional art benefits mental health. For a few examples: Siva Dance is taught by Siva4Wellness, mandala drawing is taught by Joyce Diloy from Works in SOMA Mental Health Clinic, and the meditation worksop is led by RAMS’ Peer Division’s Stephen Leader. As outlined below, Asian and Pacific Islanders (API) underutilize mental health services compared to the general population, often due to deep-rooted cultural stigmas. Many API cultures have ancient wellness practices still used today so it’s a misconception that API individuals and families do not care about mental health. However, these practices are not replacements for therapy nor is psychotherapy a replacement for cultural wellness practices. Therapy can nourish the spirit and activities like yoga, dance, meditation, or cooking can be therapeutic. As you join us in celebrating Asian and Pacific American Mental Health Day, we will highlight how one’s mental wellness often involves a combination of activities as we learn from professionals in both psychology and traditional arts. Although the event showcases wellness practices across different API cultures, all individuals of any background are welcome to attend. 

The event will be held virtually on our Facebook page.

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About Asian and Pacific American Mental Health Day

May is established nationally as both Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness month. In 2010, RAMS spearheaded the effort to establish May 10 as the Asian Pacific American Mental Health Day in the State of California and the City and County of San Francisco. APA Mental Health Day has since been established in other cities like Austin, Texas. At the confluence of both Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness month, APA Mental Health Day recognizes the importance of raising awareness about mental health and promoting mental wellness in the Asian and Pacific Islander community.