CAAP Counseling & Pre-Vocational Services

Finding a job. Mending broken relationships. Acknowledging and recovering from substance abuse. Failure to overcome these challenges can create mental health issues or exacerbate existing ones. With support and guidance, paving the road towards well-being and recovery can be possible. Each year, RAMS CAAP Counseling and Pre-Vocational Services (RAMS CAAP) provides up to 10,000 San Francisco residents with mental health services, substance abuse recovery services, assessments, vocational support, and linkages to other community-based services.

  • Services

    RAMS CAAP primarily provides services on-site at CAAP (County Adult Assistance Program, San Francisco Human Services Agency). Services include:

    • Individual biopsychosocial assessments
    • Short-term therapeutic support
    • Linkage to community-based services
    • Social skills training for workplace success
    • Group Counseling
    • Neuropsychological assessments/testing
    • Vocational assessment and training
    • Medication Management and Support Services
    • Case Management
  • Who We Serve

    For those with mental health, substance use, and/or vocational therapeutic needs, we serve adults, ages 18+, without dependents, who are recipients of CAAP benefits and CalFresh benefits within the City and County of San Francisco.

  • Contacts

    Vivian Vong

    Director of CAAP Counseling & Pre-Vocational Services



San Francisco residents supported annually
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