Request for Proposals – Peer Division Video Project

Organizational Background

Founded in San Francisco’s Richmond District in 1974, RAMS now offers comprehensive services that aim to meet the behavioral health, social, vocational, and educational needs of the diverse community of the San Francisco Area. RAMS is ultimately a wraparound community health organization who meets individuals where they are at and aims to provide the necessary resources for them to be successful. Currently RAMS houses 350 employees and Peer Based Services is the largest division of the organization.

Video Focus – Peer Based Services Division

At the forefront of the peer provider profession, RAMS offers peer counseling, outreach, and education & training in about 30 sites throughout San Francisco including a Wellness Center site clients can access. The agency’s programs uphold principles of wellness and recovery with an approach that is strengths-based and promotes a sense of empowerment, self-direction, and functionality. Most recently the Peer Division was expanded to include a Street Crisis Response Team who respond directly to potential mental health emergencies in San Francisco. The project works alongside the City of San Francisco to provide peer and professional intervention when individuals are experiencing a crisis in public.

Division Website:

Project Goal

Effectively tell the story of the RAMS Peer Division to the community and potential future clients from the organizational perspective including the Peer Wellness Center, Street Crisis Response Team, and general Peer Training programs.

Scope Details

• To be filmed on site in San Francisco
• Short Interviews with 3-4 staff members on site in San Francisco (staff and sites to be established by RAMS)
• Maximum long form video of 3 minutes cut down into segments – RAMS to handle pre-production, but all post production will be the responsibility of the consultant
• B-roll from on-site live response or mocked response to crisis, at wellness center, and other pre-scouted sites
• Interviewees/speakers will not require a teleprompter
• All of the photo/video releases will be signed prior by staff and public/client faces won’t be shown
• Experience working with nonprofits or government agencies required

Response Period: 9/14/2021-10/4/2021
Project Direct Contact:
Domenica Giovannini

Responses should include a cost estimate, description, team/company background and samples of work. Please direct specific questions to the direct project contact provided above.

NOTE: All stated organizational and County of San Francisco COVID policies and procedures will need to be upheld during the onsite portions of this project. As the rules are changing regularly, current organizational requirements will be supplied prior to contract signing. The current RAMS vaccination policy can be found on the Human Resources Website.

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