COVID-19 Broderick Street GoFundMe

In order to respond to new COVID-19 needs, we are running a GoFundMe for our Broderick Street Adult Residential Facility. 

For adults and seniors with both mental and physical health challenges, RAMS Broderick is a home, a supportive community, and a source for medical and psychological support. Located in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood, RAMS Broderick is a 33-bed long-term residential facility, staffed 24/7 with a small team of passionate and dedicated nurses, counselors, and support staff who provide individual and group therapy, case management, and medication support.

Donations would go toward supplying RAMS Broderick with:

     –      Speakers and a large monitor (so residents can participate in exercise videos and recorded concerts while practicing social distancing)

     –      Tablets, laptops, and other devices are needed so residents can stay connected with their families

     –      Word search and sudoku books

     –      Art supplies, adult coloring books, paint-by-number sets

     –      Board Games

     –      Musical instruments (rattles, drums, tambourines)

     –      Meditation cushions

     –      Personal protective equipment (nitrile gloves, masks, disinfectant sprays, medical gowns)

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, RAMS Broderick is faced with much higher expenses due to the need for more surgical masks, thermometers, and other protective equipment to keep our staff and residents healthy and safe. Additionally, although RAMS Broderick typically takes residents on outings and gathers them for many social, cultural, and wellness-related activities, residents struggle with having few activities available due to the shelter-in-place and social distancing orders. Thus, we are turning to our community to ask for help supporting both the mental and physical health of our residents by raising funds for items that would make a significant impact on residents immediately and would still be useful after the outbreak passes.

Everywhere you look at RAMS Broderick, there are signs of how deeply the staff cares about the residents. In front of the building, a janitor cultivated a peach tree from seed to share with the clients. Usually, bulletin boards are plastered with schedules for karaoke events, pet therapy, and workshops on meditation, social skills, resume writing, knitting, and drama. RAMS Broderick is home to a thriving community—a tight-knit family. With your help, we can work together to protect this loving home for many.

We are incredibly grateful for donations of any amount to support our community during these uncertain times. 

Welcome to RAMS