Fu Yau Project

The first five years of childhood are crucial for social, cognitive and emotional development. This is when we experience the most rapid growth in the areas of the brain responsible for language, self-regulation, memory and attention. In order to support children between 0-5 years-old, RAMS Fu Yau Project provides early intervention and preventative mental health services to early childhood education centers, including but not limited to infant, toddler, and preschool staff, parents and other services providers. The project also delivers consultation services to family resource centers and family child cares.  The Fu Yau Project is funded by the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Initiative through the San Francisco Department of Public Health Community Behavioral Health Services Children, Youth and Family Systems of Care. This project promotes the mental health and well-being of low-income children, age 0-5 years, and their families. Our name, Fu Yau, is our mission. “Fu” means support and “Yau” means young children in Chinese. Therefore, Fu Yau means “to support and promote the well-being of our young children.”

  • Services


    • Individual/Group Consultation to Staff
    • Staff Training

    Services to Parents

    • Psycho-Education Workshops
    • Parent Support Group
    • Simultaneous Work with Parent and Child
    • Parent Meetings

    Services for Children

    • Individual Therapeutic Services
    • Playgroups

    Program Consultation

    • Program development support
    • Team Building


    • Community Resources
    • Specific/Long Term services
  • Who We Serve

    Fu Yau Project provides services to more than 70 early childhood education sites, childcare centers, family resource centers, and family child care sites across San Francisco.

  • Contacts

    Diana Wang
    Clinical Manager of RAMS Fu Yau Project



Consultations and Assessment Annually
Parents, child care workers, and family resource center staff benefited annually
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