Hire-Ability Received DiversAbility Awards

The DiversAbility Breakfast was organized by a group of nonprofits 19 years ago with the mission of sharing local resources and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Hire-Ability’s Employment Services team collaborated with the TAY NextGen program and other members of the Executive Leadership Team to show our appreciation for the partnership we have with our participants and employers. The Employment Services team nominated three participants and one employer to receive breakfast and an appreciation ceremony hosted by the Department of Rehabilitation. Hire-Ability has led the charge in improving outcomes for the job seekers we serve in San Francisco. 

Through the support of the job developers, these participants and employers have been empowered to hire and sustain employment for those with a mental health diagnosis. By providing individualized services such as assessment, job readiness training, self-advocacy training, job placement and job coaching, these participants have been given the resources to achieve their highest earning potential. Our team of highly effective job developers excel at connecting and consulting with the community to find employers and positions that fit the needs of our participants. For instance, Safeway nominated a manager and employee for the DiversAbility Breakfast Award. Safeway has been a collaborative employer with employment services for years and they have hired more than 10 of our participants. This is made possible by the shared values and commitment to diversity and inclusion that Safeway and RAMS share. Hire-Ability is honored to give appreciation to the participants, employers, and our staff that continue to work tirelessly toward a community that celebrates strength and equality.

Contributed by: Laura Westman, Employment Services Manager