In Solidarity – A Message to the RAMS Community

Dear RAMS community,

The still-unfolding events of the weekend have left us reeling.

In recent days, we have seen the nation erupt in anger caused by the murder of George Floyd, of Breonna Taylor, of Ahmaud Arbery, and of Tony McDade… the most recent in a long list of Black Lives cut short by police violence.  The collective trauma being experienced by Black Americans is echoing loudly through communities of color, and we want to let our RAMS community know that we stand against ongoing and systemic racism, injustice, and discrimination.

Since our grassroots founding in 1974, RAMS has provided community-based advocacy in the Bay Area to support our diverse populations with a special focus on Asian Pacific Islander (API) American populations.  Although successes in the API American movement (which gave birth to RAMS) were hard-won, victories would have been far fewer without the leadership of Black communities across the nation during the Civil Rights era.  We recognize that all communities must stand together as allies to the Black American struggle against racial violence because the fight for equality has, and always will, sound a collective call to action.  Here at RAMS, we will not remain silent in responding to such a call.

As an organization which has long since expanded our reach of services beyond the API American focus, and which has included immigrant, disenfranchised, and under-represented communities, RAMS strongly condemns the aggressions and injustices being wrought against Black Americans in our nation.  It is not enough to be silently “not racist”—we must consciously and actively work at being anti-racist, both in our work and in our workplace.  Because all lives can’t matter until Black lives matter.

We reaffirm our continued commitment and investment in supporting the physical health, mental health, safety and well-being of our diverse communities, our families, and our staff.  RAMS will continue to prioritize the cultivation of an open and inclusive environment for our staff and our clients.  We recognize the trauma from systemic racism is experienced both individually and collectively—both historically and now; we are committed to listening and learning from one another’s experiences and perspectives.  We hear you, we see you, and we are here for you. There is no other way we heal, but together.

In solidarity,


Christina Shea, RAMS Co-Lead and Deputy Chief

Angela Tang, RAMS Co-Lead and Director of Operations

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