Jaime – Hire-Ability

To protect the client’s privacy, names and photos have been changed in the following story.

In 2017, Jaime came to RAMS Hire-Ability as a Filipino immigrant who spoke very little English. He was very shy and expressed little of his emotions. Before the program, Jaime had never worked and was unsure if he could perform tasks for an extended period of time.

Through RAMS Hire-Ability’s Employee Development program, Jaime developed social skills necessary for success in the workplace such as punctuality and professional etiquette. Jaime graduated from the program in 2018 before receiving job exploration and preparation through RAMS Hire-Ability’s Employment Services Program. There, Jaime received support to work part-time as a way to build the endurance necessary for full-time employment.

RAMS Hire-Ability connected Jaime to a jewelry manufacturer in San Francisco who employed him on a part-time basis and trained him to operate specialized machinery and to use special techniques in crafting each piece. Despite a steep learning curve, Jaime’s performance improved dramatically so the employer offered increasingly advanced levels of responsibility and autonomy as well as more hours and a better salary. Additionally, with Jaime’s progress, the employer constantly finds opportunities to mentor Jaime; in response, Jaime has been eager to learn more.

Jaime’s journey to employment has been enormously beneficial for both his physical and mental health. He reports that he is now more satisfied with his life and hopeful about the future.  




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