Peer Internship

The RAMS Peer Counseling Internship is a 9-month, 20 hours/week, paid ($17.34/hour) program for individuals who are present or past clients of behavioral health services, family members of a client, and/or peer providers already working or volunteering in the field of behavioral health services.

The Internship Program helps individuals learn to appropriately and effectively utilize their lived experience and professional skills in behavioral health settings to benefit the wellness and recovery of clients/participants.

Our internship schedule provides a supportive entry into the workforce for those looking to fortify Peer Counseling skills, build community and network, and gain more knowledge of behavioral health services.

Peer Counseling Interns provide direct client services and resource linkage in a variety of settings during the course of scheduled rotations, including but not limited to: community-based clinics, wellness and drop-in centers, treatment programs, and resource centers. Roles and responsibilities may include group co-facilitation; helping clients access and navigate community-based services; and individual peer-to-peer support.

The Internship Program offers a collaborative learning and strengths-based environment, in which Peer Interns work with other Peer Practitioners and a multi-disciplinary team throughout the 9-month program. Peer Interns will receive weekly group supervision from the RAMS Peer Internship Coordinator; regular individual supervision from a site supervisor; and trainings each month provided by RAMS for additional professional development. Previous intern trainings have included Ethics and Boundaries, Group Facilitation, Motivational Interviewing, Conflict Resolution, and many more.

Below is the Peer Counseling Internship Flyer.  Please feel free to share with your networks. 

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2022-2023 APPLICATION DUE DATE: Friday July 22, 2022, 5pm

Peer Counseling Internship Application



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