Community Engagement and Wellness

RAMS Continues the Legacy of Dr. Evelyn Lee Through Diversity and Cultural Competency Training

Dr. Evelyn Lee served as RAMS’ Executive Director from 1990 to 2003. Throughout her leadership, she has amplified RAMS’ impact in the community through program expansion and continuous advocacy to provide multilingual and culturally competent services.

This year, RAMS continues her legacy through the Dr. Evelyn Lee Diversity and Cultural Competency Training 2024: Envisioning Mental Wellness: Conversations to Move from a Colonized Center.

The RAMS Training Institute was proud to host a forum for participants and panelists to engage in discussion around the impacts of settler colonialism on the field of mental health.  Panelists (Jeannie Celestial, MSW, PhD; Jocelyn Hermoso, MSW, PhD; Kendra Twenter, AMFT, APCC; and Patricia Rojas Zambrano, MFT, EdD) provided frameworks for understanding the importance of a decolonial perspective in the helping fields and offered an experiential learning opportunity to support wellness. 

Participants were highly engaged in both self-reflection and critique.  As one participant noted, “I was moved by the content and conversation and felt deeply connected and motivated after hearing the panelist and conversation.”

Those who were unable to attend, or were in attendance and wish to expand their learning may be interested in these upcoming virtual events on the topic of decolonization in mental health.

Stay tuned for the next RAMS Training Institute public event in Fall 2024.

Contributed by: Dennielle Kronenberg