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RAMS Peer Wellness Center Celebrates Eight Years of Peer Empowerment

Founded on March 11, 2016 at 1282 Market St., the Peer Wellness Center brings together creativity, connection and community. This March, we proudly celebrate eight years of providing peer-led activities and resources that empower the diverse San Francisco community.

The Peer Wellness Center serves as a safe place where members can gain valuable skills through empathy and peer support that helps promote and inspire achievement of overall personal wellness. In addition, the Center is a resource hub for members to obtain information for supportive services and linkages to a variety of behavioral health and primary health resources and services in San Francisco.

Mandala Wall:

The Mandala Wall is just one of many art installations that continue to grow as members and staff continue to design and color their own mandalas.

Rainbow Connection:

After members sign in, they walk along the rainbow to attend their groups, to create art, to play games, or to simply connect with one another. The Rainbow Hall (initially an installation for LGBTQIA+ Pride Month) has since evolved into a dynamic art exhibit.

Cafe Chica & The Best View of the Galaxy:

At Cafe Chica, members not only get a chance to hang out — they also get a glimpse of the best view of the Galaxy! The members designed their own worlds and put them together in a galaxy of unity that everyone can be a part of and no one is left behind.

Women’s History & Empowerment Month:

Every month, the Peer Wellness Center transforms into a living exhibit to celebrate people’s past, present, and future. This year, in honor of Women’s History & Empowerment Month, the Peer Wellness Center highlights impactful women from around the world. See if you can spot the Women of San Francisco!