Secret Santa for Broderick

It has been a hard year and the holiday season feels particularly welcome now, especially for our team and residents at RAMS’ Broderick Adult Residential Program, which has continued to operate 24/7 throughout the year. The Broderick Program isn’t just a long-term residential facility for adults and older adults with both physical and behavioral health challenges; it’s also a home for our 27 residents. Like many homes, we celebrate birthdays, milestones, and holidays. 

Each year, we give our residents a holiday gift in December as a small reminder that they’re a part of a family here at Broderick Street. Depending on what each resident needs, gifts may be winter jackets, shoes, wallets, movies, music, or other such items. We want to give each of our residents a gifts and care packages valued at least $30 per resident. To make this possible, we’ll need your help.

If you’d like to be one of our residents’ Secret Santa, please click the Donate button above, donate at least $30, and type SECRET SANTA in the Description box on the second page of the form. After we order the gift and care package items, we’ll let you know what was made possible by your generosity! If you donate more than $30, we’ll let you know all the gifts that your donation made possible!

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