About Us

RAMS history and service delivery approach


RAMS envisions mental wellness for all people.


RAMS provides and advocates for mental health and wellness services that are centered in clients, community and culture, with expertise in serving Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

RAMS provides services, resources and referrals in:

Clinical Services

Creating long-term, lasting wellness throughout all stages of life

Community Wellness and Engagement

Empowering the community through outreach and peer support

Workforce Empowerment

Preparing diverse communities for competitive employment

Professional Training

Training the next generation of mental health workers


Honor each person’s lived experience and cultural backgrounds.
Serve our communities with humility through our evolving work.
Cultural Responsiveness
Reflect our communities’ rich diversity in every aspect of our services.
Seek to constantly improve how we serve our community.
Strive for excellence and integrity to provide the highest possible quality of care.


From the Board Chair

Welcome to RAMS (Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc.). Founded in 1974, our foundational focus was to serve the Asian American populations living in the Richmond District of San Francisco to address the lack of culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services. Since then, RAMS has come to serve the Russian speaking population as well as the rest of the multicultural and multilingual communities in San Francisco and beyond. Today, we serve over 19,000 individuals annually across the Bay Area at more than 130 service sites in over 30 languages and dialects. Our dedicated and committed professional and peer staff embody the principles of respect, humility, cultural responsiveness, innovation, and excellence. We strive to make mental wellness an integral part of every person’s daily healthcare practices.

We welcome you to learn more and engage with RAMS. Visit or join our teams of dedicated professionals enthusiastically serving our communities to make every day a meaningful experience.


Cynthia Huie


From the CEO

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Our History

RAMS, Inc. was founded in 1974 by the Richmond Asian Caucus with a vision to address the needs of the mono/bilingual Asian-speaking population in the Richmond District of San Francisco through providing multi-lingual and culturally competent services. Housed in a humble two-story, wood-paneled storefront situated next to the historic Balboa Theatre, this non-profit organization was the only Asian-focused mental health services center in a neighborhood district that was in the midst of rapid expansion of the Asian American population. In the first five years of operation, the annual budget was approximately $750,000 with a combined workforce of about 35 staff, interns, and trainees.

The services provided by RAMS were reflective of the times during which the agency was founded, with steadily rising immigration from Asia to the United States following the passage of various laws and amendments. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, immigration patterns continued to change, with each group having its own unique circumstances. As such, RAMS continued to assess the community’s changing needs and enhance the programming structure and services to reflect these needs. The agency’s service capacity also expanded to the Russian-speaking population of the Richmond District and beyond. From 1989 to 1999, the number of programs that RAMS offered increased from four to over 20, the number of staff grew by 236%, and the annual budget of RAMS dramatically increased over 626%.

Together, We Will
Move Forwards

  • 1974

     Richmond Maxi-Center Opens (later to be named the Adult/Older Adult Outpatient Clinic and the Child, Youth, and Family Outpatient Clinic)

  • 1980

    National Asian American Psychology Training Center receives American Psychological Association accreditation

  • 1998

    Asian Family Institute Clinic is founded

  • 1999

    Fu Yau Project is founded

  • 2000

    Hire-Ability is launched

  • 2002

    Wellness Centers Program is created

  • 2005

    Broderick Street Adult Residential Facility is brought under RAMS

  • 2005

    California Mental Health Services Act is passed

  • 2007

    Began offering CAAP Counseling and Pre-Vocational Services

  • 2009

    Launched the Peer Specialist Mental Health Certificate

  • 2010

    RAMS established May 10 as “Asian Pacific American Mental Health Day” across California

  • 2014

    Launched APIMHC in partnership with several other CBOs.

  • 2014

    RAMS became the sole provider of CalWORKS Counseling in San Francisco

  • 2015

    Expanded its peer services to found the Division of Peer-Based Services

  • 2016

    Began providing services focused on Transitional Age Youth

    Welcome to RAMS